RED DATA CONSULTING was established to meet the needs of those seeking Indigenous scholarship and consultation. We specialize in analyzing Native Census and Native Voting data, but our services include consultation, creating workshops, writing sessions, training, and hosting presentations (public or private) in classroom, business, or conference environments. RED DATA CONSULTING takes their commitment to providing quality consultation very seriously and strives to build strong community efforts that benefit all of our relations. 

Millicent Michelle Pepion, Ph.D. 

Founding Consultant

Dr. Millicent Michelle Pepion is Bitter Water Clan born for the Blackfeet Nation. She currently resides in Tucson where she earned a Ph.D. in American Indian Studies from The University of Arizona. Her dissertation research draws connections between U.S. Census data for Native populations and Native Voter Suppression in Arizona. Dr. Pepion's survey included an overview of all 22 Native Nations in Arizona in comparison to county and state statistics regarding history, land, law, and representation. However, her expertise does not end there. Through various work, Dr. Pepion has developed courses, workshops and presentations that span topics such as Federal Indian Law and Policy, Sovereignty, Native and Western Views on Philosophy, Protection of Sacred Places, Introduction to Navajo Literacy and Culture, Positive Indian Parenting,  Traditional Indian Medicine, Indigenous Methodologies, and Writing in Two Worlds. Other degrees include: A.A. in Liberal Arts (Haskell Indian Nations University, 2012), B.S. in Liberal Studies (Arizona State University, 2014), and M.S. in Family and Human Development (Arizona State University, 2016). Dr. Pepion is a 2012 Clinton Global Initiative University Commitment Maker and the recipient of the Cal Seciwa Memorial Scholarship (ASU, 2015), the Heard Museum Eagle Spirit Award (ASU, 2016), and the Margaret Susseman Memorial Scholarship (UA, 2017-2020). 

Link to dissertation: 

Peoplehood of the State of Arizona: Four Chapters to Connect U.S. Census Data to Native Voter Suppression in Arizona 

Link to Navajo language book: 

The Urban Indian Guide to Navajo Language 

Link to other writings: 

ISSUU home page

The Bluebird Story (co-published with Stanley Perry)

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